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Gear List

Every trip needs to be planned in advance and you must have the right and perfect gear with you. This is a follow along gear list, you obviosuly change it depending on your needs and comforte.


Nordkap 2022 Gear

October 22nd 2022

In the following box you can find the gear list for my Nordkap tour, please note that I changed a few things of my gear, these will be indicated with a 2nd item in the box.

What do you really need?

The gear list must fit you, everybody has different needs, different habbits or maybe hobbys, like me, having a travel-guitar with me, this is not an item you need.

The essentials are mostly the same only the quantiy and size changes.

Essentials: First aid kit, Hygiene kit, 1 pair of cycling cloths, 1 pair of normal cloths, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, stove, fire and steel, bike-repair kit (tires, spokes, pump), helmet, GPS

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