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Our Sponsors and Partners

As students we have limited ressources, therefor we are happy to have sponsors on our side who can provide me the necessairy gear for the adventures.

ORTLIEB Waterproof

ORTLIEB WATERPROOF makes great bicycle bags and is even the market leader. The bags are 100% waterproof and also suitable for everyday use. Whether through rivers, over hill and dale, through heavy rain, the contents of the bags always stay dry.

Since 2020, the bags have accompanied me to school/university, to the supermarket or on my travels. The packing volume is sufficient for simple purchases up to cycling tours lasting several years.



FREELANDER'S OUTDOOR & ADVENTURE is Luxembourg's must have outdoor gear and clothing store, therefor I appreciate the support even more.

They sell a variety of well-known brands (MSR, Sea To Summit, Thermarest, Fjäll Räven, Patagonia, North Face etc.), which I have been using over the past 3 years.

They sell the best, high-quality gear, so if you don't have a budget go and have a look for yourself.


FJÄLL RÄVEN is a company that has established his name as one of the best producers of long-living and durable outdoor clothing for any outdoor activity. Ranging from pants, to hats and bags, they have everything your heart desires.

Based in Sweden, they have a lot of outdoor experience themselves, which has lead them to be one of the best outdoor-cloths seller.

Sea to Summit Alto TR2 backpacking tent (vestibule with gear).jpg


SEA TO SUMMIT is an Australian based outdoor gear company. They are producing one of the best outdoor lightweight equipment out there. They have everything you need, from sleeping-pads, to tents, stoves and tableware.

They specialized on producing lightweight, durable, compact and payable gear, so you have the best time in mother nature.

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