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My Story - Luca

My name is Luca Colling and I am an adventurer with heart and soul. New challenges excite me. As a passionate bicycle traveller, I began documenting my tours and small adventures in 2022 and making them accessible to interested people via my YouTube channel "Letz On Bike". 

 -Life begins where your comfort zone ends.- 


But why? - Why do you torture yourself for hours cycling over hill and dale in the rain or spend the night in whipping wind in the nature? It's a mixture of adventure and freedom. Out here I am free and leave everyday life behind me. All duties, appointments and worries stay at home. Out here I can let my soul dangle or really let off steam. Anyone who has spent a few days or even hours in nature knows how relaxing it can be. Just the sound of the trees rustling in the wind, the babbling of a river or the crackling of a campfire.

Mountain biking

My projects

Nordkap 2022

Strade Romane di Sicilia 2023

Fundraise project LUkraine 2024 ...

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