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Mountain Cabin

My Story - Aaron

My name is Aaron. I love being in the wild. Outdoor activities like hiking, camping, climbing, canoeing, mountain biking...are some of my favorite activities. During these outdoor activities, one can dive into another world, explore and learn much, especially about oneself. These experiences help to grow and to expand the personal comfort zone. These allow to come back into civilization with another view of oneself and the world one that one is a part of.  

This is the reason I decided to follow training courses in Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Canada. Learning how to live in nature, with nature. I try making this knowledge part of my work. I also give training courses concerning these topics. For my work as a psychologist, it can be helpful to use outdoor-education and skills I learned in the wilderness in Canada: My goal is improving the well-being of people by enabling them to get new inspiration from nature. 

I joined Lëtzonbike because travelling by bike is an interesting way to explore a country. Furthermore, it combines several aspects of outdoor-living. That’s why I want to encourage people to ride outside their comfort zone and to make new experiences.

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