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Our Fundraise Projects 

Cycling fo Charity is one of our missions. In 2022 Luca cycled to the Nordkap to raise money for UNICEF to build a school in Africa. In 2023 he cycled to Sicily and back for Wonschstär to help Ajla to communicate, which she was not able to, due to a disease.

Nordkap 2022

4.600€ raised for UNICEF


In 2022 Luca cycled to the Nordkap for Unicef to promote the project "Conceptos Plasticos".  This project is taking place in the ivory coast. Unicef collects and recycles plastic with local organization. Then they are fabricing bricks to build schools and sanitary installations.

He raised 4.600€ for this project, so more children can go to school. Education is not a privilege but a human right. As Luca graduated from high-school that same year, this was a crucial argument to chose this particular project.

Strade Romane di Sicilia 2023

Strade Romane di Sicilia 2023 - 2 Double Colors1.png

2.000€ raised for Wonschstär


A new year a new fundraise project. This year Luca chose to do a fundraise for the non-profit organization "Wonschstär", which means "Wish Star". "Wonschstär" helps disabled people and people with diseases to realize their wishes. 

He raised 2.000€ for Ajla, a 18 year old young woman, who unfortunately, due to her disease can't talk or communicate. The raised money, will be used to buy an occular camera, which tracks her eye motions. The camera is contected to a computer with a special program, which allows Ayla to select letters with the camera and the computer speaks the word out loud, similiar to Stephen Hawkings computer.

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