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My Story - Semion

I had a friend who lived in a small village where the bus only came five times a day, and the timetable wasn’t sexy either. So, it was quite difficult to meet up with this friend. But one day, I somehow came to the idea of why not take the bike and cycle to this cutoff village. After the ride, I surprised my friend with my presence, and we had the most joyful day. Since then, I fell in love with cycling. Because you are independent from timetables, you don’t have to pay for gas, you don’t waste your time in traffic jams, you are doing something for your health, and you always have a story to tell after a ride. Cycling gives you so many benefits and stories nearly for free.


After realizing this, I began to commute on a regular basis with a bike. And the cherry on this cake are the bikepacking trips I did. Once, I tried with some friends to cycle from the north of Luxembourg to Amsterdam without a map, and this became a really epic journey. But classical bikepacking is just as amazing, it is the best way to explore new regions because you are interacting with your surroundings all the time. I would love to motivate and empower more people for this passion, that’s why I am proud to be part of LetzOnBike.

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