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Our Fundraise Projects 

Besides our main goal to bring bike-touring and bike-packing closer to you, our second mission is to cycle for charity. In 2022 Luca cycled to the Nordkap to raise money for UNICEF to build a school in Africa. In 2023 he cycled to Sicily and back for Wonschstär to help Ajla to communicate, which she was not able to, due to a disease.

Nordkap 2022


4.600€ raised for UNICEF Luxembourg

Strade Romane di Sicilia 2023 - 2 Double Colors1.png

Strade Romane di Sicilia 2023

2.000€ raised for Wonschstär

Fundraise Project 2023

Strade Romane di Sicilia

A new year a new fundraise project. This year we choose to do a fundraise for the non-profit organization "Wonschstär", which means "Wish Star". "Wonschstär" helps disabled people and people with diseases to realize their wishes. 

We are raising 2.000€ for Ajla, a 18 year old young woman, who unfortunately, due to her disease can't talk or communicate. The raised money, will be used to buy an occular camera, which tracks her eye motions. The camera is contected to a computer with a special program, which allows Ayla to select letters with the camera and the computer speaks the word out loud, similiar to Stephen Hawkings computer.

Donations can be made via bank transfer or scan the QR Code.

I also accept cash donations if you meet me along the tour ;)

Fondation Wonschstär

LU82 0080 3062 1330 2001

Mention: LetzOnBike


Our goals

- Keep pushing -

Hello there,

our goal is to share bike-touring experiences and get you motivated to go on your very own adventure. We want to help you get set up for your bike-tours, in our videos we will not only share bike-tours but also tips and tricks on how to get started.


Our Team

As projects are growing, we are happy to introduce you to the new "LëtzOnBike" team, with members from different outdoor clubs.

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Our partners and sponsors

We've been using their equipment before, so we feel honored for having ORTLIEB Waterproof and FREELANDER'S Outdoor & Adventure with Fjäll Räven and Sea To Summit as sponsors on board

To get to know more of them klick here:

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20% of the purchase value will be donated.

Let's chat

You are here, so you have a question. Go on then, let's get in touch!

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