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Be yourself, the world is limitless.

Our Fundraise Projects 

Besides our main goal to bring bike-touring and bike-packing closer to you, our second mission is to cycle for charity. In 2022 Luca cycled to the Nordkap to raise money for UNICEF to build a school in Africa. In 2023 he cycled to Sicily and back for Wonschstär to help Ajla to communicate, which she was not able to, due to a disease.

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Nordkap 2022

4.600€ raised for UNICEF Luxembourg

Strade Romane di Sicilia 2023 logo

Strade Romane di Sicilia 2023

2.000€ raised for Wonschstär

Mountain biking

Our projects

Nordkap 2022

Strade Romane di Sicilia 2023

Group Tour to Munich-Luxembourg 2024

Our goals

- Keep pushing -

Hello there,

our goal is to share bike-touring experiences and get you motivated to go on your very own adventure. We want to help you get set up for your bike-tours, in our videos we will not only share bike-tours but also tips and tricks on how to get started.


Our Team

As projects are growing, we are happy to introduce you to the new "LëtzOnBike" team, with members from different outdoor clubs.

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image luca colling

Luca Colling

Founder, Bike-tourer, Editor, Content creator

image Luc Dauphin

Luc Dauphin

Co-Founder, Communications Manager, Scout

Image Felix Recht

Felix Petesch

Co-Founder, Web Design

image Michel Hoffmann

Michel Hoffmann

Co-Founder, Social Media Manager, Scout

image Aaron

Aaron Lanners

Co-Founder, Outdoor Trainer


Semion Smolenskiy

Our partners and sponsors

We've been using their equipment before, so we feel honored for having ORTLIEB Waterproof and FREELANDER'S Outdoor & Adventure with Fjäll Räven and Sea To Summit as sponsors on board

To get to know more of them klick here:

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Where we have been

Frequently asked questions, we got you!

Which bike should I use?

Basically, it doesn't matter whether your bike is expensive, cheap, new or old. The important thing is that it works perfectly and that you can rely on it. I met all kinds of long-distance cyclists on my tour. From racing bikes, bikepackers, bike tourers, bikes with trailers, everything was there.

What gear should I take with me?

It all depends on what you expect or want to experience. With a bikepacking setup, you'll have to scale back a lot and compromise on some things. With a touring setup like I had, you have more buffer for more things, but you will also have to carry more weight. Generally speaking, it depends a lot on what is important to you and what is not. There is no right or good gear, it really is about what you think or know you'll need.

How far should I cycle?

Many factors play a common role. What is the weather like today? Rain, heat, cold, lots of headwind? How many metres in altitude are I facing? How did I sleep last night, how fit do I feel today? How is my motivation today, because you can't force yourself to have fun. On average, I cycle 80-130 kilometres.

How should I prepare myself for a tour?

You don't necessarily need to prepare for it. You will receive the necessary preparation and training in the first 1-2 weeks of your tour. Don't forget that you're not racing. You simply cycle at the same speed and don't push yourself. In the first few days, just do as much as you can and don't overtax yourself. Later on, you will automatically cycle more and more kilometres per day without getting too tired. Nevertheless, regular cycling and good planning prevent injuries. However, you need to be flexible and prepared for things to go wrong.

Let's chat

You are here, so you have a question. Go on then, let's get in touch!

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Thanks for reaching out, We'll answer as soon as possible. Cheers!

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