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Which type of paniers are the best?

The best paniers don't exist, the "best" paniers are those who you believe in are the best. Nowadays there are 3 brands that stand out with their paniers, ORTLIEB WATERPROOF, VAUDE and APIDURA.

They are all great brands, as they produce waterproof paniers. Yet in my opinion, Ortlieb paniers are the best, as they are made of an extra durable material, so they last life long, their 5 year warranty is defenitely a plus and they offer spare materials in case something breaks.

I've been using Ortlieb paniers for 2 years now and absolutely love them, they are large and versatile, to go shopping, to university or work, on smaller bike-tours and larger bike-tours. I've once ridden through a river and everything was still dry inside.

For the project Sicilly Ortlieb and I teamed up, as they sponsor the tour, yet this does not affect my comment, as I contacted them because their products are just great. Therefore due to the partnership all my posts will have this little note of sponsorship underneath, when I talk about their bags.


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