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North Cape 2022 - The rim-issue

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Friday, 22nd July 2022

After two and a half hours of cycling I arrived in Lulea, my last major city in Sweden. As I had my new chain on it since Copenhagen, so approximately 1.700km, I wanted to get it changed.

I went to a store, which sells Trek Bikes, so let's just call it "The Trek Store". I bumped into a grumpy worker who told me "We can't do that. You need a reservation! We are booked out until 4th August!" and send me away.

I went to XXL, an all sport activities store and the workers, were not just so kind to change my chain, they even said "It's on the house!" and they showed me the wheel-rim-issue. I had a crack on my rim and 4 spokes where already a bit loose.

If I would have cycled further I would have risked that I would have an irreparable wheel and therefore this problem, was a threat to the tour, because if it would have cracked, the project would have been stopped for an undefined time.

Lucky enough the kindly worker, called the Trek Store and he arranged with them that I could go to the store, the day after, because they had the right rim in the store. Thanking them and leaving the store, I was just hopeful and grateful.

On Saturday, I went to the store and I got my rim changed. The tour could continue with a one-day-delay.

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