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North Cape 2022 - Recap of the second week

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

July 11th to July 17th 2022

Total days:16

Total days cycled:1.300km

The week started with an additional day in Stockholm, as I got my chain changed in Copenhagen the week before and they put one on it with a lock system I needed to get the quick link opener tool. Unfortunately I did not found it until Tuesday, but I got it.

Cycling towards Gävle (July 13th 2022) I got into a storm which forced me to stay in an hotel. The receptionists were so kind and gave me a 50% discount and an energy drink. However the weather forecast changed in 1 hour.

Near Härnösand (July 16th 2022), people shouted „GoGoGo“ at me while passing by on the E4, gave me a thumbs up and one guy even tried to give ma a beer and almost stopped on the road. A bit later a group of people in my age pulled me over to have a chat, they were a bit drunk but it was hilarious.

On July 17th 2022, I met a lovely family during my lunch break and we had a chat. When they left a guy, Emir, also chatted with me and told me about his Fundraise project starting in August where he will be raising money for „Children with Cancer“.

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