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North Cape 2022 - Recap of the first week

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

July 2nd - 10th 2022

Total days: 9

Days cycled: 5

Distance: 667km

On July 4rd I started cycling from Copenhagen to Stockholm. It took me 5 days for 670km. I had a great start even though it rained a bit, the forests were just beautiful.

I once slept in a small public house, which you can find via “Wild Kamp”, there are also shelters all around Sweden😉, and I met a lovely couple from the Netherlands with their 4 dogs.

During the night to Friday my sleeping pad got a hole in it and unfortunately I forgot the patches at home, so I sensed it home and bought a new one.

On Friday July 8th, I met Lars, who quit his job and started cycling from Zurich to the Northcape. However he decided that Stockholm will be his end-destination.

And even Luxembourg’s Sportminister send me a photo of supporting the project.

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