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North Cape 2022 - Recap of the fourth week

July 25th to July 31rd 2022

Total days: 28

Days cycled: 20

Distance: 2.670km

On Monday, I met Dante from Switzerland. At his age of 63 years he cycled like he would be on a race, however we got well along with each other so we decided to cycle together to the North Cape.

On Thursday we left Alta and after 2km I lost Dante, but as there is only one road to the North Cape we met each other in front of the last supermarket for the following 100km. In between I met Ole and Amir from Norway who were cycling together with Oliver from Germany to the North Cape, as they were also going to the supermarket, we started cycling together as a group of 5 towards Olderfjord. However they were faster then Dante and me, so we lost them.

Later Lars, 21 years old, from Switzerland, joined us and we continued as a group of 3. Later Dante left us to stay in a hotel and Lars and I continued, determined to cycle all night long, we soon met Pierre-Antoine from France, who had the same plan in mind. Together we pushed our-selves to our limit but eventually after more then 14 hours of cycling, 24 hours awake and 230km later, we arrived at the North Cape.

Arriving at it, is an indiscribable feeling, the emotions we shared together were amazing. We were all tired but also so alive, we couldn't believe me made it.

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