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Updated: Oct 26, 2022

As always things can't go right the first way. At the lounge at Oslo's Airport I received a notification from SAS that my flight was delayed 35min and then 60min. As I knew I would only have 55min in Copenhagen to change the airplane, I knew I would be screwed up and miss the plane. Talking to the very helpful staff at the airport, they explained me everythings I could do, back to my place a few minutes later, one of the women I spoke to, said they were trying to get me on an other airplane, I would only need to run for 15min through the whole terminal as they were about to start boarding, however I got the airplane and everything worked out at the end.

Stepping into Icelandair's airplane I got a surprise, I booked bussinessclass and was not aware of it. The service was an experience of it's own, very kind and personal to each passenger. I never experienced any form of this luxury, but it made my night. As we were about to land at Keflavik's International Airport, we saw the errupted volcano and the lave coming out, it was a beautiful, welcoming scenary to Iceland.

The first 4 days of my trip I only had rain, wind and it was freezing cold, however eventually weather got finally better and I started to see the incredible nature here in Iceland. As it happens, I had no major problem until the 4th day as one of my spokes broke and that on my new rim, which has been replaced 3 weeks ago in Lulea, Sweden. Concerened that it could happen again, I got 2 spar brokes, so now I am prepared for it.

I cycled through Iceland's largest lava field, about 4.400 square kilometers as well as trough a small territory, where sulphurgas was coming out of earth and as you can imagine, it stank like rotten eggs.

After 3.400km my body finally hit me badly. While cycling I felt like a stroke in my leg and then my knee started to hurt so badly, that I immediately stopped and almost felt of my bike, leaning against it with a few tears in my eyes, I started to slowly stretch it and took a pill against the pain. Slowly walking with my bike down the road, I head to a small campground 4km further. As doing so I called a hotel 25km further, to get a room for the next day (present day as publishing this post) and luckily they had one. Now it's the second day and pain as not gotten worser, neither better, so I decided, as the hotel has no room for tomorrow, to take a bus to Höfn and skip 160km in case it would get worse I would be able to take busses to Reykjavik, if it happens to be so, that I can't continue cycling, but let's hope the best.

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