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How to plan a bike-tour?

The idea is simple, you want to go on an adventure, yet soon enough you will encounter the first difficulties for it's realization. Today I want to give you some tips on how you can plan your route the best possible way for yourselve.

Many people start with Google Maps, it is known and the most popular navigation app, when it comes to cars. Yet as bike-tourers and back-packers, we need to go off-road, we need to have this sence of adventure, of unknown, rough territory. Therefore I want to indroduce you to Komoot. This app, is in my opinion the best app to plan your adventures and is popular among cyclists and back-packers.

Komoot gives you the unique opotion, when you buy the premium plan (at aroun 5€ a month) to plan multiple day trips. For example, you plan you route from A to B which is aroung 2000km. Sure enough you want to break it down in to several day trips, which is an option Komoot provides to you, it gives you a suggestion based on your chosen fitness level and type of bike, but you can change it to fewer or more days.

It also shows you the different roadtypes and their surface, which helps you to prepare better for the trip.

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