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Hej Hej Sverige

Did you ever felt you needed to escape your everyday life?

So did I in 2020, Covid-19 hit all of us, we got in confinment, there were worldwide lockdowns. For some it was bad, however for me it was an opportunity, an opportunity to change myself. I discovered the art of bike-touring, I did not cycle, but that could be changed in a matter of weeks. I decided in April 2020 that in July 2021 I would cycle to Sweden.

So did I, the tour started on 16th July 2021 and I entered Sweden only 10 days later after aproximately 1.000km. It was one of the best experiences I have done. It was an adventour. Imagine stepping out of your house, getting up your bike and start rolling, rolling for hours, rolling for miles and then you hit 500km, 1000km etc. It is such a great feeling.

Even on the daily bases, during grocery or cooking a meal it is a little adventour. People are always curious about what I was doing, they waited patiently for me outside the store, the bakery or even invited me for an overnight. If you are cycling around countries you get to know the pourness and kindess of people.

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